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Somerset Ryu aims to deliver fun, high quality Shotokan Karate classes to people of all ages and abilities in West Somerset.

The club was founded in the quiet village of Milverton in October 2013, and now offers classes in multiple locations across the region. Our logo is based on the red dragon as depicted on the flag of Somerset; and the word Ryu in our name actually comes from the Japanese word for dragon (竜).

Karate is an incredibly rewarding activity, with heavy emphasis on positive mental health and wellbeing, discipline, self defence and all-round fitness. There is huge potential for personal growth and achievement as our students work through their grades. We also actively encourage participation in competition for those who are interested, and even have students selected to represent England. You can read more about this here.

Our Chief Instructor, Sensei Peter Milne 3rd Dan, has been involved in karate for over 20 years and teaches as a full-time occupation. He has been fortunate to train with some of the most prolific names during his time, including Sensei Keinosuke Enoeda, Andy Sherry, Frank Brennan and Terry O'Neill, among many others. He prides himself on the high standard across the club, and always aims to push each and every student to unlock their maximum potential.

The club is affiliated to the Karate Union of Great Britain, achieving the highest standards since 1966.

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